About us

The biggest change story begins with LifeSwitcher.

We are people similar to you, just like you, we struggle with a lot of everyday problems, lack of time and busy schedule. That is why we understand well how difficult it is to find moments to take care of yourself. We decided to make it easier for you. LifeSwitcher is the solution.

The effect of cooperation of many inspiring people lots of creative ideas, testing hundreds of solutions, trying out countless products and dishes made from them. This is how our algorithm, whose heart is people, was created. Our missions is to provide comprehensive assistance in achieving your dream figure through our own diet and training plans as well as properly selected supplementation with attention to every to every detail and in accordance with your preferences. Through our diet plans, we want to prove to everyone that a diet can be healthy, easy, tasty and, above all, effective. Simple ingredients, uncomplicated recipes, lots of flavor, time saving, captivating results! And in addition, a large dose of valuable knowledge in the field of care, physical activity, health, nutrition and more!

Take up the challenge and your body will thank you for it!
Let’s build our common history.

LifeSwitcher Sp. z o. o.
Marii Skłodowskiej Curie Street 3/63,
15-094 Białystok, Poland.
VAT NUMBER: PL5423399130