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Dairy-free, or how to replace milk in your diet?


Dairy-free diet: What to substitute milk with?

You like cow’s milk a lot but feel sick after consuming it? No wonder – the human body isn’t completely used to it and can have problems with digesting lactose. Are you interested in going dairy-free?

Today in #SwitcherTips a few ideas on how to substitute milk in your diet

I think it’s good to start with the first signals that your body sends when it’s time to cut down on milk. Of course keep in mind that in the end a doctor should give the diagnosis following appropriate medical exams.

There is a strong suspicion of lactose intolerance if you experience these symptoms within 2 hours after consuming milk:

  • stomach ache,
  • flatulence,
  • gripe,
  • diarrhea,
  • wind,

IMPORTANT: Lactose intolerance is not the same as milk allergy – it has a different cause and symptoms – they appear much later and in a different form. They include skin disorders: exanthemata, hives, etc.

Let’s get back to the dairy-free diet. What can you substitute milk with?

  1. Soy milk.

The first and most popular cow’s milk substitute is soy milk. It contains the most protein of all known milk substitutes – about 6-8 g per cup. Apart from protein, soy milk is rich with potassium.

  1. Cashew milk.

Mild, creamy, and delicious of flavor. Additionally, thanks to its many nutrients such as zinc, calcium, and vitamins D and B12, cashew milk becomes a great alternative for cow’s milk.

  1. Rice milk.

It’s the sweetest substitute on our list. What’s more, it’s probably the safest choice for people sensitive to dairy, soy, or nuts. Rice milk is often fortified with vitamin D and calcium, which are very good for bones.

  1. Almond milk.

One of the least expensive options. It’s flavor is good for shakes, cereal, muffins, and coffee! It’s also a great low-calorie antioxidant. Due to its high vitamin E content, it improves brain function and regeneration.

  1. Coconut milk.

An excellent low-calorie addition to soups, oatmeal, cocktails, and pancakes. If you’ve ever looked for something like canned coconut milk but with lower fat content – this is the solution.

Do you know any other good milk substitutes? 

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