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Fats | Do you need them in your diet?


All of us should eat a diet that contains carbohydrates, protein, and fats. Many people have negative connotations with the last macronitrents while they are actually one of the most important element. You’ll definitely not regret learning more facts about fats.

What are fats?

Contrary to the popular belief, this macronutirent is not harmful, and does not automatically equal weight gain. It is actually very beneficial for you, and some would surely even say – essential. These chemical compounds do not dissolve in water or alcohol. What’s more, fats are present in plant tissue, animal tissue, and we get them from the food we eat. There are many types, but it is especially important to distinguish between the saturated and unsaturated kinds.

Saturated and unsaturated fats

The difference between them is simple. Saturated fats are found in animal foods, such as eggs, dairy, meat, but also in coconut and palm oils. Your diet should include these fats; however, they increase LDL cholesterol levels, so you should consume them in moderate amounts. Unsaturated fats, on the other hand, are found in plant foods, nuts, seeds, high-fat sea fish that contain the very healthy polyunsaturated omega-3 fatty acids.

How much fat does your body need?

Your fat intake requirement depends on many factors, such as age, sex, physical activity, and weight. It is generally assumed that energy from fat should make up 15-35% of your total daily calorie intake.

The role of fats in the human body

The macronutrient has a significant influence on your general health and body functions. They’re the main source of energy. Moreover, they are a form of the body’s energy backup and make fat tissue, intensify a meal’s flavor, facilitate swallowing, inhibit gastric acid secretion, improve the condition of skin and hair. They are also the source of fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, and K. Which ones do you consume? Do you remember about your omega-3s?

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