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Motivation to exercise at home – how to find it?


You have decided to work out at home. You have found inspiration photos on the internet and they look incredibly attractive. In addition, you are thrifty, value your time and the comfort of solitude. However, something is off about this perfect plan. Every time you are about to exercise the couch is exceptionally comfortable, and the film that just started is unusually gripping. Let me offer some comforting words: you are not the only one that struggles with motivation. But we have a solution to this. These are 10 effective ways to find workout motivation!

1.     Motivation: Start today

Putting off exercise for tomorrow is not going to be of any use because tomorrow never comes – it is always today. Remember these words and start exercising this very moment. At first, a short workout will do. The first step is the toughest. Once you take it, physical activity will gradually become a habit, just like your everyday bath. Use the time when you feel the most motivated and just do it!

2.    Don’t overthink it

The best method to do something is simply doing it. If you start dwelling on how much you do not want to do something, you will most certainly not do it. When you plan a training for the day, do not analyze whether you feel like doing it right now. Simply stand up and execute your plan without unnecessary thought processes.

3.    Set your minimum

Set the minimum number of workouts you are willing to do during the week. Nothing is in the way of increasing the number of your workout days. Still, remember not to go below your workout minimum.

4.    Treat exercise like an important meeting

When we decide to exercise at home, we have to consider many temptations, such as the new episode of a favorite series, a spontaneous night on the town with friends, or unplanned shopping with a girlfriend. All these options are incredibly tempting so they usually lose against tiresome exercises. However, if you treat your training like an important meeting marked in your schedule with a specific date and time, sticking to the plan and organizing the rest of your day will be much easier.

5.     Find a partner

Working out with a close friend can become a perfect form of spending free time together and strengthening your bond. An additional advantage of this solution is motivating each other and rivalry to perform better, faster, and stronger.

6.    Visualize you goal

Think about why you have decided to start exercising regularly. What is your goal? You want to improve your physical condition to easily run to the 7th floor in the apartment building where your sister lives? Or maybe you want to lose extra weight to get rid of insecurities and increase your confidence? Think about the emotions that will accompany you when you finally achieve the desired result. Let this vision fuel your motivation.

7.     Track your progress

An important factor in maintaining motivation to do quality trainings is the effects you achieve. Nothing is as inspiring as our body changing through exercise. Therefore, weigh and measure yourself, take pictures of your body and record your achievements. After some time, you may be surprised at how much your appearance has changed.

8.    Have fun

Look at exercise as pleasure, not a painful obligation. Your favorite music, a new outfit, comfortable shoes, or recently bought resistance tapes will help you for sure. Training is time just for yourself. Appreciate it.

9.    Keep it diverse

Each type of repeated physical activity can bore us after a while. Therefore, make sure your training is varied. On the internet you will find a lot of different variants of exercises for specific body parts, e.g. HIIT, cardio, strength training, intervals, Pilates, yoga, etc. You name it! You can even try all of them.

10. A bird in the hand…

This saying can be applied to many aspects of life. Even the best planned training is not as good as one you actually do. It is not words that count but actions and effects. Remember not to force yourself to do a planned activity. Do you feel that you can’t do an hour of interval training? Don’t give up and don’t let go, replace it with something lighter, e.g. stretching. Opt for action, not perfect planning.

Are you feeling motivated yet? So there is nothing else to do than start your training. Good luck!

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