MCT oils | Do you know their advantages?

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MCT oil benefits

MCT oils are characterized by medium-chain triglycerides. The most important source of such fatty acids is coconut oil and, to a lesser degree, palm oil. They are considered to be healthy saturated fatty acids.

What are their benefits?

Stable energy source for many hours

The first and probably most important benefit is that MCT oils constitute the most basic energy source for the muscles, heart, and brain.

Improve brain function

According to scientists, MCT oils improve memory in Alzheimer’s disease patients. As it was mentioned – they are a great source of energy for the brain. The oils work great when added to bulletproof coffee.

Satiate well

Thanks to this you aren’t hungry as often and eat less. In consequence, it becomes easier for you to lose weight. The product is also recommended to add to meals.

Can help you lose weight

Scientific research suggests that MCT oil consumption speeds up the metabolism and supports fat burning.

Protects muscle

Oftentimes, weight loss brings about the loss of fat, water, and also muscle. However, we never want to lose muscle mass. As the oils generates energy for muscle, the reduce the risk of losing high amounts of muscle tissue.

Supports gut bacteria

As follows, the bacteria, which support the immune system, become more effective. In addition, MCT oils affect the symptoms of some bacterial infections such as e-cola and candida.

Regulate glucose levels

As MCT oils affect cells’ response to insulin, your body is able to use insulin’s anabolic properties more effectively. This indirectly affects your weight and the risk of metabolic diseases.

A great way to enhance the taste of your food

Coconut oil has a strong flavor. MCT oils, however, don’t. This makes them excellent additions to every meal. Moreover, as fat is a flavor carrier, the oils also improve the flavors of meals.

A positive influence on your appearance

MCT oils have great moisturizing and lubricating properties. Hence, for example, coconut oil is often added to various cosmetics or directly applied to skin and hair.

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