Measuring yourself correctly is key


How to correctly take body measurements?

The basis of monitoring your progress is not only weighing yourself, but also measuring your chest, waist and hip circumference as basic parameters.

What to measure and how?

1. Calf Standing hip-width apart, unclench your calf and measure it at its widest point, parallel to the ground.

2. Thigh Standing hip-width apart, measure just below the buttock fold, parallel to the ground.

3. Hips While standing hip-width apart, measure across the middle of the buttocks parallel to the ground.

4. Waist We measure in the narrowest place between the chest and hips.

5. Cage We measure 1 cm above the nipples, our back is straight. Best to measure just after exhaling.

6. Biceps Measure in the middle of the arm, with the arm straight.

7. Forearm We measure at the widest point, with your hand relaxed.


What will you need? Only a tailor’s centimeter.

Measure chest, calf, thigh, forearm, biceps, waist, chest,
How to measure correctly?

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