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Muscle cramps. Do you know how to heal them?

muscle cramps

Muscle cramps affect people of different ages. They can be a result of over exercising your body, excessive physical effort by unathletic people, nutrient deficiencies, chronic disease. There are a couple of methods to overcome post-workout cramps.

Ways to alleviate muscle cramps:

  • Stretches – to make a cramp go away, you should stretch your muscles. If you have this problem, straighten your cramped leg, bend and pull your toes up. It is also important to stretch properly after every intense form of physical activity.
  • Massage – at first, it can be very painful. Still, getting a massage works well. Massaging your muscles will quickly alleviate the pain. Using the service of a professional massage therapist once in a while is also a good idea.
  • Aromatherapy – press a compress with water and lavender, marjoram, or ginger oil onto the sore muscle. This process will ease the pain and relax you.
  • Arnica – arnica ointment is used topically to alleviate pain when you are injured or bruised.
  • Hot baths or compresses – similarly to stretching, warmth improves blood circulation. Taking a hot shower before exercise is a good way to avoid cramps.
  • A good diet – your body needs nutrients. For instance, magnesium deficiencies is a common cause of cramping. This element is found in chocolate, nuts, and cereal products. If you experience cramps frequently, you should avoid caffeine. Potassium deficiencies also trigger muscle cramps. In this case, you should eat more potatoes, bananas, dried peach, and prunes.

These methods of eliminating cramps are for people who experience this affliction sometimes after working out. If muscle cramps occur frequently, while walking, last more than an hour, or are connected with blood circulation disorders, you should see a doctor.

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