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Running for the overweight and obese


First lose weight, then take up running

Running is one of the most popular forms of physical activity among people who want to lose weight. Running burns a lot of calories – a 10 minute run burns about 100 kcal. Similarly, an hour run burns 600 – 1000 kcal depending on its intensity and the runner’s weight. Keep in mind that obese people have to be careful if they choose this type of workout.

So how do you run to lose weight?

It’s best to choose a different, less joint straining workout. The heavier you are the bigger load you carry around. This way you risk joint injuries. Before you start circuit training, solve your weight problem.

So how do you fight obesity?

A well balanced diet and moderation are key. Firstly, you need to know how many calories per day you need. Drastically lowering your caloric intake, e.g. 3000 to 1000, can result in the opposite effect.

A matter of strong will?

In part, for sure. It’s important to be consistent with your actions. You have to remember that you can’t achieve anything without the right diet and workout. I think that eating too little is worse. It irritates you, you walk around hungry, get discouraged, and your body reacts by stockpiling.

Diet and what else?

Let’s do moderate exercises, more frequent walking or cycling – whatever you prefer. If you want an organized workout with a trainer – choose swimming or workouts without running and jumping.

What if you’re overweight and have been running anyway?

Select shoes with thick soles and soft ground to run on. This will lessen the impact of running and protect your joints. Then again – try to hold off running at least in the beginning.

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