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Selfie diet | What is it? | Does it work?

selfie diet

Can a selfie help you work on your body? Is selfie diet real? Of course! It may be unconventional, maybe a little strange. Does it work though? How? Let me explain.

What’s a selfie?

For those who don’t know it yet. A selfie is a photo you take of yourself either by pointing the camera at yourself or your mirror reflection. How is this supposed to help with your diet? A diet consists of food and physical activity. Let’s remember that a diet is a way of eating but most importantly it’s acquiring healthy habits.

But how is this related to photos?

Mainly, you can watch as the changes happen… In essence, it’s documenting your way to your goal (usually it’s weight loss) by saving it as photos. And no. Taking photos alone won’t make you slim. Selfies are supposed to observe how you change and your body transforms.

This can motivate you to continue your work and control the progress.

How to go on the selfie diet? We have some tips for you

We advise you to take pictures once a week and also weigh and measure yourself while you’re at it. Try to take photos in the same clothes or, better yet, in underwear. It isn’t necessary though. It’s good to take photos at the same time, in the same spot. This will prevent differences that stem from the change of lighting and place. Take one photo en face and one from the side. This will show you your entire body.

We hope you will like to try. Good luck!

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