Turkey | Should you eat this meat?


In most houses or rather kitchens, chicken and pork are the most frequently prepared meats. There are also a few options to choose if when it comes to poultry. So let’s take a look at turkey! It has many good qualities such as low fat content and no antibiotics, to name but a few. You’ll learn about many more from this article.

Is turkey meat healthy?

This type of poultry has many positive qualities, it’s the leanest meat and has 80-100 calories per 100 grams. What’s more, a part of its fat content is comprised of unsaturated fatty acids that support the cardiovascular system. In addition, turkey is a mellow meat with a rich flavor. These are just some of its many benefits. 100 grams of the meat contains 29 grams of quality protein. The meat is also a source of B vitamins, folic acid, magnesium, potassium, iron, phosphorus, zinc, and selenium. The next positive stems from the fact that turkeys are sensitive animals and, for this reason, aren’t kept in cages. The birds aren’t fed antibiotics which positively affects the quality of their meat and our health.


We’ve established that turkey is a healthy meat, so let’s look at its great properties. The low fat content makes it easy to digest and great for people on a diet. Eating turkey doesn’t elevate your cholesterol levels, which lowers the risk of cardiovascular disease. The high protein content satisfies hunger well. The amino acids in turkey support muscle gain and cell recovery. Moreover, the meat doesn’t cause allergies, which makes it great for children and adults that have allergy tendencies. All people should consume poultry, as it improves memory, concentration, and reduces stress. Eating this type of meat positively affect your appearance too. Zinc and niacin improve skin elasticity, cure acne, strengthen hair and nails.

How do you cook turkey?

Turkey is very delicate so it’s important to know how to cook it properly. The meat can be stewed, fried, and boiled. Regardless of the cooking method, turkey can easily become too dry. So you should cook it in a roasting sleeve, using olive oil and herb marinade. It’s also recommended to use few spices, as turkey has a delicate flavor. Oftentimes, salt and pepper is all you will need. Do you like turkey? How do you cook it?

Turkey meatballs recipe


  • 1 kg minced turkey
  • 2-3 eggs
  • 3-4 onions
  • 5 tablespoons breadcrumbs
  • 2 bunches dill
  • 10-15 allspice balls
  • 2 tablespoons oil

Dice the onion and caramelize it until golden. Put the minced meat in a bowl, add eggs, salt, pepper, breadcrumbs, chopped dill. Stir well and form meatballs. Boil 2 liters of broth, put the meatballs in it, don’t stir. Put the lid on the pot and cook for 30 minutes. Next, add cream to the meatball brew and stir. Add the spices and the remaining bunch of chopped dill.

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