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Supplementation for beginners – what to use and how?


Athletes support themselves with various supplementation and functional foods almost all the time. Most people who are just starting going to the gym take an immediate interest in an additional start package of supplements. This is optional but also fully understandable and I want to tell you what you can use. But remember that a supplement can’t be a substitute for a balanced diet and proper workouts.

How to start?

First and foremost, you start by choosing the type of workout and diet. Only when that’s done, can you know what your body may be deficient in.

Should I use something in the beginning? If so – what? 

If you are sure that the workout and diet you’ve chosen are right for you, this is the moment when you can start thinking about supplements. At first, choose ones that will complement your diet and enrich it with the right nutrients.

Start with:


A safe product that is usually the first choice among beginners. It is the main building block of our body. Since an active lifestyle is becoming increasingly popular we’re going to need more protein. Diets aren’t always high-protein and sometimes they simply need supplementation. Protein is a good product for people who are trying to lose weight or gain muscle.

Mass gainers

They’re a functional food not for everyone as they’re a combination of quickly assimilated carbohydrates and protein. Most diets don’t require additional carbohydrate supplementation. Hence, when using gainers, we can simply go overboard with carbs. However, there are people who have problems with gaining weight because of their fast metabolism. Then, the product is essential. If you want to gain weight, it’s the right product for you.

Pre-workout supplementation

We should be careful with the their quantity. There are different types of pre-workout supplements – stronger and lighter ones. It’s good to use them gradually to see which type is best for us. But how do pre-workout supplements work? They stimulate and strengthen the body. As a result, workouts become more effective. What’s more, pre-workout supplements come in handy when your motivation is low. They stimulate the body and let us extend and intensify a workout.


It’s one of the most popular and safe supplements. Systematic creatine use stores energy in muscle and sinews, which results in better physical efficiency and muscle recovery. Creatine bonds water in muscles, creating the perfect space for protein.

Vitamins and minerals

Don’t forget about good old vitamins and minerals. Especially beginners should not overwork their bodies. Moreover, in the beginning we lose a lot of water and with it some vitamins and minerals. Don’t forget this!

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