Terms and Conditions

  1. Introduction

Terms and Conditions of LifeSwitcher.com constitute the legal foundation for using this website. Terms and Conditions constitute an agreement between the website publisher, LifeSwitcher.com LLP, and any person that uses the website. By using or accessing LifeSwitcher.com you agree to comply with the conditions. This document is a statue referred to in Art. 8 of 18 July 2002 of Act on Rendering Electronic Services (2017 Polish Journal of Laws – Dz. U., item 1219). By means of LifeSwitcher.com the Service Provider provides services (further referred to as “Services”) that include access to the public section of the Website which can be used by all Internet Users without completing any formalities. This access does not require registration in LifeSwitcher.com.

Users are particularly obligated to:
a) use LifeSwitcher.com in a way that does not interfere with its functioning, e.g. by using specific software or devices;
b) use LifeSwitcher.com in a way that is not inconvenient for other Users and LifeSwitcher.com respecting their personal rights (including the right to privacy) and any of their rights.

  1. Service Provider’s responsibilities

The Service Provider controls the technical aspects of LifeSwitcher.com to ensure the website operates properly. Nonetheless, the Service Provider cannot guarantee that the website will be accessible and operating perfectly at all times.

LifeSwitcher.com will not be held accountable for:
a) any damage caused by users violating third party rights while using LifeSwitcher.com;
b) damage resulting from disruptions in the operation of the Website or its unavailability caused by factors beyond the control of the Service Provider;
c) any other damage caused by Users’ failure to comply with the provisions of these Terms and Conditions;
d) problems or technical limitations of the computer equipment used by Users, which prevent Users from using LifeSwitcher.com efficiently.

  1. Responsibility

Despite making every effort to ensure the completeness, timeliness and compliance with the actual state of the data presented on the webpages, the publisher of the website does not guarantee its correctness, and therefore does not bear any responsibility for the use of the presented data and the resulting consequences.

Opinions, analyses, and comments presented on the webpages of LifeSwitcher.com can be interpreted only as an expression of the personal knowledge and views of their authors. LifeSwitcher.com is not responsible for decisions made on this basis and their effects.

The publisher of the website is not responsible for content, such as information, photos, comments, or other content posted on the website by users:
a) the user is responsible for his/her actions, and in case of violation he/she may be held liable in this respect in accordance with Polish law;
b) the publisher of the website has the full right to modify and delete content added to the website by users, without giving any reason, and in particular if the rules of using the website are violated;
c) the publisher of the website makes every effort to ensure that the content on the website complies with copyright laws and generally accepted moral standards. Nonetheless, the website publisher is not responsible for the content posted by Users;
d)by using the website, Users agree to comply with politeness rules and moral norms.

  1. Limitations

It is forbidden to:
a) act to the detriment of LifeSwitcher.com;
b) add content that does not comply with Polish law and ethical standards, in particular pornographic, Nazi, and copyright infringing content;
c) enter ‘malicious code’, i.e. code aimed at destroying LifeSwitcher.com or outputting data from LifeSwitcher.com to the Content Management System at LifeSwitcher.com;
d) insult other LifeSwitcher.com users;
e) provide illegal content. In the event of violation of this prohibition, LifeSwitcher.com is entitled to suspend the provision of Services to such a User.


Comments will be deleted if they:
a) are insulting;
b) offend the blog authors, readers, commenters or other people;
c) offend any social, religious, ethnic group, etc.;
d) are unrelated to the subject of the entry;
e) are written only to advertise, position a website;
f) violate the provisions of Polish law;
g) contain profanity;
h) constitute spam;
i) are devoid of logic;
j) violate commonly applied moral principles;
k) present socially harmful content;
l) constitute advertising and/or promotional content,
m) abuse capital letters.

In the comments, please sign with your name or nickname, as described in the form. Do not enter your company name or phrase that indicates an attempt to position the page – leaving such data will change or delete the entire comment. Persistent violation of this provision will result in adding the given IP address to the blacklist and automatically rejecting comments related to it.

LifeSwitcher.com reserves the right to moderate, shorten, and publish the entirety or parts of comments added by users.

  1. Website use termination

Users may opt out of using the Website at any time. If a User violates these Terms and Conditions, the Service Provider may deprive the User of the right to use the Website, as well as limit his/her access to part or all of the resources or Services offered on the Website with immediate effect.

  1. Summary

 LifeSwitcher.com reserves the right to amend these Conditions at any time. Amendments to the Conditions apply from the moment they are posted on the Website. In matters not covered by these Conditions, the provisions of the Civil Code and other laws shall apply. The provisions of these Conditions are subject to Polish law.

LifeSwitcher.com users can get free access to these Conditions at any time via the link on the Website’s main page in a form that allows it to be downloaded, saved, and printed.

The Service Provider reserves the right to suspend the operation of the Website at any time and for any reason, as well as the right to modify or terminate the provision of Services via it.

  1. Privacy

The Privacy Policy complements the rules of using the Website.