Mushrooms | Why you should eat them?


For sure, many of us are enthusiasts of excursions into a forest, especially in search for mushrooms. There are numerous ways of preparing them in the kitchen. In addition, they’re not only tasty but also full of compounds that have a benign effect on the body.

Vitamin A, fiber, and B vitamins to name but a few! Edible fungi are often recommended by experts because they satiate, help to lower blood cholesterol, and have few calories! What else?

Guilt free!

Due to consisting of mostly water, mushrooms are low in calories. 100 g is only about 60 kcal. This is not the only advantage of mushrooms. They contain lysine that increases the nutritional value of a meal. In addition, they have beta-glucans that lower blood cholesterol and glucose levels, improve gut health, lower appetite, and boost the immune system. Edible fungi also consist of B vitamins responsible for the proper functioning of the body. They also contain traces of provitamin A, vitamin C, B12, D, and E.

An interesting piece of info is that mushrooms also contain anti-inflammatory and antioxidative anticancer substances.

Who should introduce mushrooms in their diet?

Despite their many benefits, this food is difficult to digest which makes them unsuitable for people with liver and stomach problems. Mushrooms are also not recommended for children younger than 7 years old and elders.

Pick mushrooms wisely!

Remember about your own safety. If you’re a 100% certain that a mushroom is edible then pick it. This is important because many of them are poisonous, and consumption can have tragic consequences – even death. Most of all, beware of  death caps as they resemble Satan’s boletes and young parasol mushrooms.

To make matters less grim, when you’re going to pick mushrooms, bring a container that lets in fresh air for your crops. Bring a special knife too so you can cut them right above the ground without destroying the mycelium.

It’s best to place the picked mushrooms on a flat surface and clean them off soil. And then – enjoy! You can dry, pickle, boil, or fry them!

What’s your favorite mushroom recipe?

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