Body brushing – why you should do it

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There are many treatments that are supposed to improve your skin but their cost is not always justified by the results they produce. With body brushing you actually can get great results without leaving the house. You will only need two things: a brush and dedication. Sounds good?

What kind of brush should you choose?

The brush is of course the most important element of this home beauty treatment. You can find a multitude of interesting options in drugstores. Still, a wooden brush with natural bristles will be the best choice. It won’t irritate your skin like a synthetic hard bristle brush could. A brush can also have additional massaging rubber parts that will intensify the process. Testing various options will let you choose a brush that will be right for you.

Keep in mind that natural bristles need regular cleaning. Clean them with antibacterial soap or shampoo once a week, rinse with water, and dry by placing the brush bristle down. Simple, isn’t it?

Body brushing: How to

Brush your body gently and with love. Apply swaying motions, starting from between your feet, move to the bridges, calves, thighs, buttocks and upward. Gently brush your belly, chest, cleavage, and neck as these are sensitive areas. Do the same to your hands and arms, starting from your fingers, palms, wrists. Use swaying motions to move towards your torso. Do your back at the end. Remember that every motion has to be applied in the direction of the heart. Do not brush areas with irritated skin. The massage should last 7-15 minutes and has to be done dry. It’s best to brush your body in the morning as it will boost your energy levels for the whole day. After brushing, you should take a quick shower to clean the dead skin off your body. Next, apply a moisturizer or an oil. Brushed skin absorbs active ingredients from cosmetics well.

Why you should brush your body

  • Detoxification – cell stimulation and improved blood circulation causes faster toxin removal from the body;
  • Reduced stress – muscle and body relaxation;
  • Exfoliation – dead skin removal;
  • Cellulite reduction – the massage results in a faster flow of the lymphatic liquids, which prevents toxins from staying in tissue. The massage also affects fatty deposits breakdown in problematic areas of the body (e.g. thighs and buttocks);
  • Improved immunity;
  • Softer and more elastic skin;
  • Higher muscle tension;
  • Reduced leg swelling and heaviness;
  • Preventing stretch marks;
  • Lesser chance of ingrown hairs;

Be extremely careful if you have a tendency for bursting blood vessels. You should brush your body as gently as possible for a shorter period of time. Do not brush over marks, moles, and injured skin.

Do not brush your body if you have a skin disease (e.g. acne, psoriasis), or varicose veins.

Brush and repeat…

Repeating the process regularly is key. If you want it to have an effect, you need to brush your body every day for a couple of weeks. It’s no use getting discouraged when you don’t see instant results. Your determination will certainly pay off, and your skin will become silky smooth, soft, and flexible, as well as have better circulation.

Are you up for the challenge?

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