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Diet myths | Do you know the worst tips?

diet myths

The multitude of information available in the modern media makes it difficult to know which piece of info is worth your time. What’s more, some of it is just old news, some – speculation. Today we present to you examples of diet myths.

  1. Avoid full-fat products – choose ones low in fat

Dietary trends like any other trends change before you know it. The start of the new millennium saw an incredible popularity of low fat products, which were also recommended by dieticians. However, reducing fat consumption increases sugar and salt use in meals. Since this is not a good solution the trend stopped being promoted. Be that as it may, as a consequence of its popularity, many still believe this myth.

  1. Cheat day

However infrequently a cheat day happens it’s really unnecessary. How so? You need to reward yourself after all! Make it up to yourself for all the times you denied yourself food. The thing is – not really. First and foremost, you shouldn’t see your diet as temporary. A diet is for learning healthy habits to use permanently. Moreover, a cheat day’s biggest flaw is that then you eat with no moderation.

What to do then? It’s better to cheat a little every day – a donut won’t kill you – than to binge on food an entire day.

  1. Miracle diet

Do you think that if Renee Zelweger fed only on juice for several weeks you can too? And it will work to the same effect? It might. However, it will also have a terrible effect on your health; and your pre-diet weight will quickly come back. Obviously, you can take inspiration from famous people but do it with caution and reason. At first, make sure you won’t harm yourself.

  1. Eliminate everything with sugar, including fruit

It’s obvious that eating some fruit is better than eating fast-food or sweets. Mostly because of the nutrients fruit contains. These nutrients have a great effect on the body but everything should be consumed with moderation – you can’t eat only fruit. Your meals should contain a variety of nutrients which will keep your body healthy and the right weight.

  1. Veganism and vegetarianism guarantee good health

In brief, this is almost a copy of the previous point. Any diet should be balanced and provide the essential amount of nutrients. A diet that excludes meat or dairy has to have products that provide the essential amount of protein. Unfortunately, not everyone is aware of this which results in unbalanced diets and feeling progressively worse.

  1. Not eating after 6pm

One of the more harmful diet myths about losing weight thanks to not eating after 6pm. Of course you shouldn’t overeat before bed but a light meal 2-3 hours before sleeping works great. It will protect you from starving yourself. It’s simple – you should consume neither too many nor too few calories.

  1. You can burn all calories you get

It’s a common misconception that you can eat whatever and however much you want if you exercise on a treadmill for an hour. Too bad that this isn’t true. It’s okay if you do this once. If you keep doing this for a longer time though, the effect will be the opposite of what you want. Remember, you’re supposed to learn healthy habits on a diet and this is not one of them.

  1. Cutting out gluten

The idea that we will lose weight if we eliminate gluten from our diet is becoming more and more popular. The assumption is wrong because it only applies to those intolerant to gluten. What’s more, it works for such people because then they stop having gluten related health issues. As follows, if we’re healthy cutting out gluten won’t change anything – we won’t lose weight.

Do you know other diet myths?

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